Warranty Commitments

We provide warranty for our products for a period up to 12 months. Within the period covered under warranty, we will repair or replace any Moorol & Hill Troll & Lucky Light product that has ceased to function properly.

Moorol will replace malfunction products with a same/upgraded model in the same series or one that of similar performance for customers if replacement can’t be made within due time when certain products are discontinued or for other reasons.

Warranty Details

Should any problem covered under warranty occurs, customers can contact service@moorol.com in regards to their warranty claims, as long as the product was purchased from Moorol directly.

Moorol’s Warranty is provided only for products purchased from Moorol directly. This applies to all Moorol products.

Unauthorized third party repair and modification voids Moorol’s warranty.

Moorol’s warranty service is rendered NULL AND VOID if

1. Failure or damage, which is caused by excessive dropping, unauthorized modification or reconstruction.

2. Failure or damage was caused by improper use, storage or maintenance (refer to product instruction manual).

For questions regarding returns, please contact our Customer Service.

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